Realty Resources Corporation - Direct Lender

All fees or costs will be clearly
spelled out on the front-end of this
process so you can be assured of a
straightforward, easy to follow
In business since 1976,
our business depends on customer
referrals.  Helping you to succeed is
our primary goal.

STOP WORRYING!  The first step in securing a hard
money loan is simple: Just PICK UP THE PHONE and
404.252.7070. Our dedicated staff will work
diligently with you to design a loan program and
payment plan that meets your needs.

No documentation or appraisals are necessary, so
we can move very quickly to supply you with funds—
within a few business days.  That's right.  
When deciding how much you need to borrow, keep
in mind that we provide loans up to 65% of the property’s value.  We pride ourselves on flexibility,
and we will make sure that you fully understand the terms
of the loan so that you can meet your obligation and there
are no misunderstandings.